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Game Format 

6 v 6 Flag Game Format

  • Field is 25-30 yards wide and 50 yards long, including one 5-yard end zone

  • The offensive team will always go in the direction of the home bleachers. If the defensive team intercepts the pass, they will need to cross the goal line at the other end to score a TD (even though there is no endzone)

  • Games are 6 players v 6 players

  • Two halves with 20-minute running clock (5-minute break at half)

  • 30 second play clock (45 second play clock for 1st/2nd Grade Division)

  • Each possession after scores, turnover on downs and/or halftime will start at the 5-yard line 

  • The offensive team has three downs to get a first down at mid-field, then 4 downs to score once they have crossed mid-field.

  • All players are eligible!

  • NO RUSHING THE QUARTERBACK! Unless the QB fakes a handoff which will trigger a defensive player to cross the LOS and rush the QB.


  • Touchdowns = 6 points

  • Extra Point (5 yard line) = 1 pt

  • Extra Point (10 yard line) = 2 pts