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Player Handbooks

Parents Letter from Coach Jim Bob Bryant.

Hello Wolfpack Parents,

My name is Jim Bob Bryant and I am the Head Football Coach at North Paulding High School.  I am extremely excited about our 2019 Football TEAM. Our coaches and players are working hard in preparation for next year. We expect a Wolfpack commitment from every player and parent in our program. This commitment includes character, academics, and football, in that order. Football is a “Process”. The lessons these young men will learn from their high school TEAM experience will lead to their success as husbands, fathers, and leaders in the community. This commitment is not easy as life is not easy.  It requires discipline and sacrifice.  We also recognize that the success of these young men and this program requires the commitment of their parents as well.

There are many things that can compromise the integrity of our student-athletes. Making negative choices can impact the TEAM and the player’s position on the TEAM. We intend to educate the players about the consequences of negative choices. Our goal is to make sure that everyone understands that the TEAM comes before self. This structure that places TEAM first is the pillar of our program and in any successful business model.  WE will always come before “i”.  The letter i is lowercase for a reason.  As a TEAM, WE must put the PACK before the Individual.

Character is a skill that is often expected but rarely developed. We will develop and build Character!  During the Spring we will hold Character Development Lessons every Wednesday morning at 8:00am.  We will also continue this Character Development during the season.  Again, this will not be easy. Some may decide that the expectations of our program are too much of a sacrifice. However, these expectations will be kept and the sacrifice will result in reward.  We have a PLAN and the PLAN becomes the STANDARD and STANDARD creates CHAMPIONS!

Parents, we want you to support yous sons and the TEAM. Your involvement and support in the Wolfpack program is crucial to our overall success.  Building a strong tradition in Football is not a one man job.  It will take a lot of people to help make this program successful.

The purpose of this information is to familiarize you with the philosophy, guidelines, and policies of the North Paulding High School Football Program. It is every coach, player, and parent’s responsibility to read and understand our policies. Our policies have been put in this booklet as a reference, so that you may refer to them throughout the year when you feel it necessary. Parents and players are expected to read and sign the back page. After the page has been signed, it should be turned in to Coach Bryant to be kept on file.  This information was made to assure that everyone understands the expectations of the program.  Before we can have a successful TEAM we must build and develop Character on and off the field.  We take our position as a privilege and feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with young men of the highest caliber.